Discover an Incredible Way to Accent Your Decor

Install custom window treatments & drapery installation in your Missoula, MT home

When you’re decorating your home, Kerr's Custom Drapery & Blinds should be your go-to for custom window treatment and custom drapery installation services.

We provide plenty of design options for you to choose from. Just a few of our style choices include:

  • Tab top
  • Ripple fold
  • Pinch pleat
  • Grommet top
  • Rod pocket top

Whatever style you settle on, we’ll execute it perfectly. Once we’re done with your custom window treatment or custom drapery installation, your space will feel complete.

Contact us now to schedule your design consultation.

Custom Drapes Missoula, MT

Why you need custom drapes

Custom window treatments and drapes are a great choice for any space. Custom treatments can:

  • Make your rooms seem taller
  • Create an elegant style for any room
  • Control the amount of light entering a room

With custom window treatments and drapes, you can accentuate your windows and develop an elegant style for your space. Email us today for more information on our drapery options.

Personalize your space with custom draperies

Not sure if our custom draperies and window treatment services are right for you? Draperies could be just what your home in Missoula, MT needs.
Kerr's Custom Drapery & Blinds provides beautiful, luxurious window treatment options for all our customers, whether you're installing drapes for the first time or replacing old, worn-out window coverings.

Installing custom draperies has...

Financial Benefits
Adding drapes to your windows helps keep the late-afternoon sun out. This allows your air conditioner to work more efficiently, regulating the temperature and saving you money on your energy bills. Drapes also prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and rugs.

Aesthetic Benefits
When you design custom draperies to fit your home, they'll complement your architecture and decor perfectly. You can choose to add a pop of color or keep it neutral, depending on your personal preference. Plus, you can make the room seem taller or soften the space with different drapery styles.

Functional Benefits
In addition to their appearance, window treatments also add a lot of convenience to your everyday life. Drapes absorb sound, which means you'll have a lot less echo in your home. They also filter the light to reduce harsh shadows in the morning or evening and help you maintain your privacy.
Window coverings have both cosmetic and practical benefits. Call 406-543-8231 today for custom draperies in Missoula, MT.